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Full Stack Web Developer PHP/JS (m/f) Full Stack Web Developer PHP/JS (m/f)
Solicitud creada hace 7 años España Barcelona, España Barcelona, España
netzstrategen is a digital consulting firm, academy and agency. Our raw materials are ideas produced by our biggest asset: a team of experienced professionals. Our clients expect innovative ideas based on digital analytics data, observations in the marketplace and knowledge of technologies as well as our intuition and creativity and the methods we use to engage with our clients and their marketplace. We are a team of 25+ specialists and experts of different fields working together to create sustainable strategies and find quick wins for your marketing, sales and organisation. We focus on transferring a deeper understanding and practicable knowledge of the digital world and its marketing tools and support our clients to set the right goals, pick the right projects, implement them with the right technology and build a fitting infrastructure and organisation around the products to make them successful. Besides individual experience of our teammates we base our suggestions and strategies heavily on data and analytics. We use it to identify potentials and risks, to create measures to improve upon those numbers and create key performance indicators to monitor and control the development. Since we started the company in 2010 we grew our team and our knowledge as well as experience in over 200 projects with newspapers covering topics such as paid content and paywalls, cross media sales, web tracking & reporting as well as online marketing for subscriptions and editorial stories - always to make the titles more successful and more savvy in the digital world. We are seeking web backend developers, who are up to date with latest web technologies, possess both architectural and structured programming skills, a sympathy for UX, and have the experience required to work alongside designers, consultants, developers and other specialists to develop cutting edge websites, stores and web apps for our clients with minimal guidance. They will work in a dynamic international team of digital strategists & developers across various projects, both locally in Barcelona and remotely with the head office in Germany. The ideal candidate will be versatile, self-motivated and curious. Skills and experience: Demonstrable commercial experience designing and developing modern responsive websites (2+ years). Up-to-date with current and future web standards & technologies, having a genuine passion for the industry. A ’self-starter’ who can jump in quickly without a lot of direction, and learn by asking the right questions. Required: Integral understanding of designing & writing secure, sustainable, well-documented and comprehensible code in PHP. Good understanding of modern web development standards & best practices (e.g., HTML5, CSS3+, JavaScript/ECMAScript5+, Ajax, HTTP, BEM, SMACSS). Ability to quickly read and understand new & foreign code bases. In-depth experience in relevant content management systems (Drupal, WordPress). Experience in e-commerce systems (e.g., WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce, Magento, Stripe, PayPal). Familiar with web frameworks and libraries (e.g., Symfony, Doctrine, Laravel, PHPUnit). Very good communication skills. Love to share knowledge, also publicly. English and/or German. Desired: Track record of contributions to free and open source software (FOSS) projects. Experience in developing RESTful Web Services (JSON, XML), interfaces, data migrations, and imports. Additional development experience in Go, Ruby, and/or Node.js (not only for process automation). Relational databases, document stores, caches (e.g., SQL, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached) Active design & development of open source system extensions (modules, plugins, components, themes). Strong analytical and problem solving skills.