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Technological Game Changer - Internship Technological Game Changer - Internship
Solicitud creada hace 6 años España Barcelona, España Barcelona, España
Who we are FACTORY & FACTS (F&F) is located in the Barcelona tech hub district, Poble Nou. The idea of F&F was born out of the vision to create relevant solutions and products for the industrial sector. F&F originated from a marketing agency focused on the industrial sector, which means that we not only possess skills in relevant technological fields, but we additionally know the market very well and are hence prepared to disrupt the hell out of it! What we are looking for If you are a specialist, i am sorry, we do not need you right now. What we need is a damn game changer. An entrepreneurial and technological swiss army knife. F&F is looking for people to push forward our ideas and create the best possible product and service out there! You should be motivated, creative in your own way, take all the responsibility and be just the best team member you can be! Yes, F&F will bring you with your skill set to the next level!! For this reason, at F&F we will not offer you a shitty restraining position, but multiple roles that you should be able to adopt dynamically according to your skills and motivation. These are our most urgent roles we want to fill: - Entrepreneurship (be curious, be optimistic, have the vision, close the deal and execute!) - Product Development - Project Management (Scrum, Kanban, Trello, shit..whatever you want) - UX/Graphic Design (Adobe CS, Balsamiq, just bring the idea to the paper) - Web Programming (Python, Django, HTML, JS, React, AngularJS, CSS, API, etc.) - Data Science/Data Engineering (ML, Statistics, SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Pig) - Automation Engineering (PLC, Sensors, IoT Technology, RFID, Raspberry, etc.) - Marketing Strategy (Social, SEO, SEM, Analytics, Adwords, etc. ) If you see yourself able to manage some of those roles, than you should as well continue reading this :). Why should you join us? FACTORY & FACTS does not want to give you a job, no, F&F wants to give you an opportunity. The best opportunity for you to really immerse in a dynamic environment and learn a shitload of stuff that no university or school will ever teach you, namely the real life at work. Do not be afraid my friend, your motivation and ours together will guarantee our success. It will be hard, I can tell you that, but the benefits will be even greater. Come, be a game changer and join us on our way to conquer the industrial universe! Okay, you should probably sent us a CV, motivational letter and maybe your linkedin account so that you can make a great impression on us :) Best Regards, FACTORY & FACTS